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Why can’t I find my application at the recent tasks menu?

When launching your mini app Activity, the application gets cleared from the recent tasks. After the user will navigate to a regular Activity class, The application will appear again in the recent tasks.


Why does my bubble look like a square, and the icon has cut edges?

Some custom roms may change the dpi of the your app, from the default dpi of the device. For example, your device dpi might be 240, while your app dpi is 320. If that is the case, go to your rom settings, and match your app’s dpi to that of your device.


Why does the bubble disappears immediately after opening and closing the sidescreen for the first time?

The bubble default behaviour is that it doesn’t appear when the device is in full screen mode, so it doesn’t interrupt the user while he’s using apps that requires full attention (like playing a game). The user can change this settings by going to the bubble settings menu, and turn on “Keep bubble available in full-screen mode”. However, some rom customizations, and even xposed modules like “Immerse Me”, force full screen display on the device for all apps. That is why the bubble disappears immediately. To prevent this, just go to the settings the turn on the relevant setting.


When I open the sidescreen for the first time my mini app appears fine, but when I close and reopen the side screen, the mini app doesn’t appear at all (all I get is a loading screen)

Did you implement the onNewIntent() method on your Tooleap Activity? If so, make sure you call super.onNewIntent(intent) from that method, so the Tooleap SDK can work fine:


Why does my mini app takes a very long time to load after I press on the “Home” button?

Unfortunately, this is a built-in feature in Android devices. To prevent abuse, Android delays all activities from starting with startActivity for the next 5 seconds after the user presses on the “Home” button. You can check out more details here.


When launching a mini-app on my device, I see a notification saying Invalid / Missing API Key

Basically, it says you haven’t signed your Tooleap app with a proper api key. See the Invalid / Missing API Key error page for more details.


I’ve followed all the api guides, called all the right methods, and my mini app bubble still refuses to pop out

Are you by any chance developing in release mode? If so, Tooleap SDK will not function without a proper API Key. Go to our API Key management page to generate an api key, or develop your app in debug mode. Note that you’ll still need an api key to release your app. You can read our preparing for release guide for more details.


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