Preparing for Release – Obtaining a Tooleap API Key

For Tooleap to work with a signed apk (Release build), you need to obtain a valid Tooleap API Key.

The Tooleap API Key is unique per application package name ( To generate an API key for your app you need to apply for our early access program.

If you are already a member of our early access program, follow this link to generate an API key for your app: API Keys Management.

After you have obtained the API Key, add the key value into your app’s AndroidManifest.xml file inside the application tag:


Note: You can still develop and test your Tooleap Apps without a Tooleap API key, if your app is signed using a standard Android debug key. Tooleap will fully work while your app is in debug mode, although you will see a notification reminding you to obtain a valid API Key.

Do not release an apk to the apps market without a valid Tooleap API Key, as Tooleap SDK will not function.