Tooleap is an SDK for Android, that enhances your app with floating (always-on-top) UI, thus creating a unique multitasking experience and increasing your app’s availability.

After integrating the Tooleap SDK Jar into your project, you’ll be able to create your own mini apps and provide your users with a floating bubble, and your own easily accessible side screen.

The Bubble

Tooleap provides your app with a floating bubble. The user can drag the bubble around the screen, and even toss it around.

You can fully customize the bubble. It can show your own icon, and even display a text balloon and a notification badge.

Tapping the bubble will open the side screen along with your mini app of choice.


The Side Screen

The side screen displays your app’s content on top of the screen.

Using Tooleap Activity classes, you can display inside the side screen any content you wish, just like you’d do with a regular android activity. No need for any special code or implementation on your behalf. In fact, you can even use your app’s existing activities (as will be explained next).

Tooleap SDK comes with a built-in web search screen. Whenever the sidescreen is displayed, your users can also access the Tooleap search screen and perform a web search.

The user can navigate between different mini-apps and the search screen, using the bottom navigation bar.


The content displayed by your app inside the side screen is called a “Mini App”.

You can use the Mini Apps to enhance your applications in various ways:

Rich Notifications – Use the Notification Mini App, to display a rich notification, and allow the user to interact with your app, directly from the side screen. For example, a messaging app can pop out a rich notification. The user sees the bubble with the preview text of the notification, and replies the message right from the side screen.

Advanced Multi-Tasking – Use PopOut Mini Apps to give your users the ability to pop out a screen from your app, so they’ll use it along other applications. For example, a music app that allows the user to pop out its playback controls, so they will be only one tap away, even while using other apps.

Home Widgets – Combine the availability of Android Home Screen Widgets, with the ease of development of a regular activity screen. With Home Mini Apps, you can create a mini app available exclusively from your user’s home screen. For example, a weather app that allows its user to check today’s weather, without cluttering his home screen with an extra widget.

Super Available Apps – Integrate into the device’s screen a “sticky” mini app, that can be available on top of any app, or only on top of specific apps on the device. Use a Persistent Mini App to give your user access to your app from any screen on his device. For example, a news app that gives its user a quick access to its headlines, from any application he currently uses.

Customize the mini apps to to your needs, and add as many mini apps as you want to the side screen.


Download Tooleap and make sure to read our “Create your first mini app” guide…


Download & Install Tooleap SDK