• Mini app icon size – Use a mini app icon that is at least 30dp x 30dp
  • Put all your mini app logic in one Tooleap Activity – Navigating from your mini app to another Activity (using startActivity) results in closing the side screen, and opening the new activity in a new window. Only call startActivity if you want the user to leave the mini app side screen.
  • Use Popup Menus with care – adjust their positioning according to the mini app’s position on the screen. Remember, the mini app doesn’t occupies the full screen size.
  • All SDK calls must be used from the same process – Tooleap currently does not support multi-process applications. Limit all your Tooleap SDK calls to a single process.
  • Application install location – If you are using Persistent or Home mini apps and you want them to be available automatically after a device reboot, you should specify an internal install location for your app. Otherwise, Tooleap won’t receive the BOOT_COMPLETED broadcast. see the Android Developer Guide on this subject.