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What Android API versions Tooleap SDK supports?

Tooleap SDK supports Android SDK 2.2 (Version 8) and above.


Will my mini-app be available after a device reboot?

Only Home Mini Apps and Persistent Mini Apps will stay available to the user after device reboot. Other mini app types will get removed.


Are there Tooleap Activities that extends Android Support Library activities?

Yes. Tooleap supports the Android Support Library Activities. To see a full list of supported activity types consult the API Reference.


What if I want to use a special third-party Activity for a mini-app?

Tooleap offers support for activities of popular third party SDKs like ActionBarSherlock (see the full list of supported activity types).

If you are using an unsupported third-party activity that you would like to use along with Tooleap for a mini-app, contact us and we might add it to our SDK.


Can I use Tooleap SDK with my basic4Android project?

Yes. Tooleap is compatible with basic4Android. You can also check out this unofficial wrapper made by a b4a forum member: Tooleap basic4android wrapper (Many thanks to Habeeb Quazi)


Can I use Tooleap SDK with ProGuard in my project?

Yes. You’ll need to exclude Tooleap from being obfuscated. See our ProGuard Support guide.


Can I display dialogs in my mini apps?

Yes. Since version 0.9.6 the display of dialogs in mini apps is supported. See our Handling Dialog guide.


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